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    FWIW… When Honey & I were part of a local HVAC Contractors’ Group – we held monthly meetings for everything from Heating & Air technological advances – continuing education training seminars – Lien Law – etc. I had the thott – MOST of these guys – Honey INCLUDED when I wasn’t WITH him to patch him up – Just grab some nasty dirty Silver foil tape or Good Ol’ Duct Tape to cover up or bind a galvanized steel cut, gash or freon BURN until they got home for the day to have THEIR Honeys take CARE of the damage & just kept on GOING! YIKES!!!

    Being an old First Responder & Rescue Squad Volunteer – THIS just made MY blood run COLD! Sooo… It wasn’t long before Honey STOPPED swiping these terific elastic cloth bandages that STICK till you practically wear them OFF from a mechanic buddy’ shop – That WE soon got our OWN ZEE MEDICAL Rep. & had them come & do an in-house mini-training demo of their wonderful array of First Aid Kits – supplies & first responder gear! I was like a kid in a candy store everytime our ZEE Medical Rep drove up to our home & opened the majic “wings” on their rolling re-stock supply vans! And they DO it for FREE ya’ll! Anyway – for what it’s worth – Thott you might wanna take a gander at some of their product line. We LOVE the Burn Gel with Lidocaine & Foile burn care ointment & Instant cold spray & eye wash – YOU can pour it COMFORTABLY into your OWN eye when you NEED to & it’s suchhhh a relief to flush out those pesky whatevers that zoom STRAIGHT into your eyes in the wind!

    I love their vast selection & ability to customize your First Responder Kits with ONLY what YOU want & need in them without sacrificing space on utterly useless crappolla you don’t need in an emergent situation. HTH… Teri


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