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    Photon Guy

    Weapons have their advantages and disadvantages over other weapons. For instance, a rifle or shotgun has the advantage of ballistics, range, accuracy, and stopping power over a handgun. In the firearm classes I’ve attended which have consisted of handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes they say that you don’t use handguns of you don’t have to. Its much more effective to use a rifle or shotgun against a hoodlum as opposed to a puny handgun. Handguns do have the advantages, though, of speed, portability, and concealability. You can move faster with a handgun and being smaller, lighter, and much less awkward its much easier to carry around and its certainly much easier to conceal. So those are the advantages and disadvantages.

    Now, as for me, when choosing how to prioritize weapons, generally speaking a weapon you’re more likely to have with you I put at a higher priority. The best, most powerful weapon in the world will do you no good if you don’t have it with you and you’re not able to use it. That’s why I place handguns at a higher priority than rifles and shotguns since you’re much more likely to have a handgun with you than a long gun, as I stated they’re easier to carry and conceal. And for that reason I train more with handguns and place more emphasis on mastering them than I do with long guns.

    That being said, the martial arts is the weapon I place the highest priority on because you always have it with you. The martial artist is never truly unarmed. Actually the mind is the most important weapon and martial arts really trains the mind as well as the body. So that’s why I place martial arts and the mind at the highest priority, you always have them with you.

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