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    Our kitchen range has a glass top, which precludes using a large waterbath canner on it. We do have a propane range out in the pantry which we use for canning, but it’s somewhat inconvenient.

    Anyway, I bought a Weck electric waterbath canner two weeks ago and used it for the first time. Here is my review:

    1. Made in Holland… NOT red china.

    2. Will accommodate 7 mason-style quart jars.

    3. Adjustable thermostat allows precise control from 80°F to boiling.

    4. Kettle body is high quality stainless steel, lid and heater base made of heat-resistant FDA-approved plastic.

    5.Interior is 14-1/4″ in dia. by 11-3/4″ high (7.93 gal capacity).

    I placed 5 gallons of cold water in the unit and set the thermostat to 190 degrees. It reached that temperature within 30 minutes.

    The canner comes with a flat rack that sits on the bottom. I prefer using the rack from my ‘Ball’ waterbath canner and the Ball rack fits perfectly with the Weck canner. I loaded the rack and cranked the thermostat up into the boiling range. Within 15 minutes, I had a nice rolling boil which it maintained throughout the process.

    No leaks of any kind and since the unit sits on legs, the countertop does not become hot.

    I’m happy with this baby!

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