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    This fellow didn’t intend for this to be survival retreat. I don’t think the design is very useful for most of us, but it is fun to consider. Imagine that you had closed it in and had a Ammo-Can wood stove and one year’s supply of low-bulk freeze-dried food…

    A single person could live there for a year comfortably—coming down once per week or so to fetch more water and dump body wastes.

    My biggest objection is that you could put a good deal of work and material into this and it is subject to be discovered and torn down by the authorities at any time.

    I believe that even stupid or impractical ideas can sometimes stimulate the imagination of someone just right to inspire something far more useful. Second, I’d like to see a gadget like this in the next low-budget Zombie movie or online survival story I read.

    Saxon Violence

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