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    If anyone has found this forum via Mississippi Preppers Network, or American Preppers Newtwork– Welcome! Please post a new topic and let us know where you’re from, what’s on you mind, how your preps are coming along, et cetera.


    I found it through CASES CORNER on my site at: http://www.dixiepreparedness.org

    It’s good to see others here in the area as well.

    We are on our Third Year, and hold an annual “meet”.


    hello everyone! we are preppers from the y2k days — still trying to get settled somewhere — we own & operate a pest control & termite company serving middle and south mississippi since 1997. we (i) can food & store lots of food in mylar w OA in buckets. homeschooled 3 kids for ten years — didnt kill any of them i have 5 children/adults – ha! i am the mommie to all in my home – i take care of eveyone – my husband, our daughter and my momma, who is almost 92 live with me along with 2 spoiled cats. i love animals so it really bothers me that i loveeee steak, too! we believe in defending what is ours, that jesus is king and that all is NOT right with the world today. i have trust no one written on my forehead — you just cant see it!


    I have to apologize for not being here as often as I should. Glad to see you and look forward to sharing our experiences in prepping.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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