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    Thanks A LOT to NIP, for making me the moderator of the newly formed Teenage Prepping forum. I’m very thankful. This forum is to talk about what us teens learn and to share it with eachother. Adult inputs are welcome too, of course. I hope other teens can get in on it as well, for this is a teen prepping forum. Once there are multiple replys, i’ll work with my Dad (hes an experienced forum dude, and has had many websites) and get some single topics going about Fire Starting, Self Made Hooches (shelters), and so on.
    Thanks again for the support from everyone! It’s really made me feel like i can help other teens get ready for whatever may happen. With the knowledge we all have, we can make it happen!

    Thaks again!! 🙂

    -Keith Toxic
    Student of Learning, Teenage Prepper.

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