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    I will be moving into the Lovington / Hobbs area and looking to purchase a few acres of land if I can find some. I had a question about well drilling for water. Anyone drilled for water in the southern area of the state? You need a permit? Do you have to own water rights when you purchase the land? How deep of a well would I need to hit drinkable water?

    If I can get the land I want to build an underground ‘bunker’ (house like but nothing fancy like those 40k ones you see on Preppers on NatGeo). I was thinking of building my own guzzler. Digging out a 20′ circle whole convexed and then a whole at the bottom that drains through a homemade carbon filter PVC system that stores the water in a large underground cavern or water tank (built to contain the water). Then cover the guzzler with natural rocks and the like to camouflage it. That way when we got rain from thunderstorms and the like the guzzler would collect the water, drain down through the pipe system with large PVC carbon filtration and stored so I have a replenishing supply of water (if I can’t build a well).

    Would that be worth investing the time in? One large rain storm could get enough rain I would think to fill up a few hundred gallons if it was heavy enough and the system didn’t have any leaks.

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