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    Definitely not the way it used to be, but at least it seems to be functioning. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. Our old php forum kept crashing, getting hacked, and simply kept freezing up the server. It became nearly impossible to update and kept having so many problems to the point we had to shut it down. It seems that all the usernames and hopefully the posts were able to be imported. We are now on wordpress which should be much easier to update.

    However, I imagine it will be a long time until we can work out all the kinks, deal with the spambots, get the images uploaded, and the template looking nice (I apologize for all the whiteness).

    Once we can get the majority of the kinks worked out, then I’ll send out an email blast to the entire list letting everyone know we are up and running.

    My hope is to make the forum User Friendly, Mobile Friendly, App Friendly, Spam proof, and more simplified.


    Good to see it back, too. Thank you for putting in time to do this.

    As with all things, I’m kicking and screaming about learning the new way, but I also have to tell you, I’m so grateful APN forums are back, I just can’t express how terrific it is.

    I’m poking around, getting to know the site, and will continue to visit to populate our forum again.

    Thanks again, Tom, Wolfe, and all the rest of you behind the scenes.


    I am so happy to have the APN back I really enjoy reading everyone’s post and the amount of knowledge on here if amazing.

    Thanks Tom for all your hard work


    NIP, although it took awhile and I surely missed the APN, I sure glad it’s back. Like CIN, I’m lost to the new way but learning as I go.

    Took me a day or two to learn how to log out.


    Well, this is interesting format, but ok. You know when I was trying to log in for a time it kept coming up it was dangerous and they would not let you even try. That seemed odd, but looks like it is working.

    I’m sure you have done and are doing a lot of unpaid work on this. Good thing there are some dedicated folks.

    Everyone have a great day, we are still waiting for that warm weather so we can get to gardening.


    Glad to see n hear that it’s up n running.from what little i know about wordpress.i say you took a good route on that one.


    Glad the forum is back, but not exactly loving the new format. Haven’t figured out yet how to bring back my “tag line”, avatar, etc.

    Still, thank for all the work you’ve put in to get things back up and running.


    Thank you for all your work! I’m very glad to see it back up, even though it’s very different and will take a lot of getting used to. I’ll keep checking back to see the new improvements.


    Glad to see the forum back it will take a while to get use to it thanks Tom

    blue fox

    Glad it is back. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms.


    I echo blue fox’s thoughts. Thank you for working on bringing it back.


    May take a while to get used to the new format, and will take a long while to rebuild the knowledge base that used to be here, but every trip starts somewhere…


    I don’t like the new format, but thanks anyway for all the hard work.


    Appreciate the work but why not go to upgraded phpbb or paid software? Just wondering as its not my forum but I’m curious.


    Yay! Back up and running. Appreciate the hard work y’all. It will be interesting to see how many actually come back or even try to find their way back. As with all things new – it will take some getting used to, but at least it’s here for us to use.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 86 total)
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