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    And yes, we have another pharmacy spam account….





    Hello from southeast mo new to all this.



    Great to see the forum back up! I have been away for a while but looking forward to checking in more often. It will take a little bit to get used to the new format but looking forward to it!



    good to see a few still here. I moved to Richmond,va US 1-I295//Parham & Brook rd area. can’t seam to find a sole interested in chatting about prepping.



    Yeah.it looks like folks has moved on.



    Yep, yet another spammer:


    I tagged their messages as SPAM 8 days ago, but I guess the moderators haven’t had a chance to deal with it.



    The Kentucky preppers network is down. Does anyone know who to contact about it? I used to have an email for someone, but cannot locate it. There are a few of us that still get on. Thanks for any help.



    Hope everybody doesn’t give up on this. I’m excited to see it up and running smoothly. I’m sure people will continue to pour in or return with time..



    I come here at times to try to find info. So far, I haven’t been able to find the search tool. Either I’m missing it or it hasn’t been added yet. Anyway, with the old setup there was a ton of info that is basically timeless. Some things are done the same way no matter how many years have passed. While I get having to switch to this new format, it is a shame that some of that info was lost. Over time, I’m sure people will post much of it again but sadly, some may not.

    Let’s hope things get back to normal soonish. 😉



    Glad we’re up and running, and it couldn’t come back on line soon enough. We need APN for all it provides during a time that I believe is a turning point for this country.
    People need to not only read articles in APN, but to also contribute to the forum by not only reading , but to add there own comments or questions. Let’s not let this forum go unused.



    Hello everyone)) I need your help. Who knows, de in California quickly deliver packages? In search of information on the Internet, I managed to find the courier services. Who previously heard about these guys? I have already read about their services and prices on the site. In principle, everything suits me, but I would still like to hear your opinion. Who has already ordered the parcel here as you? Should I go here or look for another company?

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