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    Hello Everyone. I’m in the Central Oklahoma area. Been on APN for many years. Have participated in a prepping group in my area. Alas, they all bugged out. If anyone’s interested in any prepping information or help just let me know. Experience includes living off grid, solar powered systems, gardening, canning, radiation monitoring, and a lot of other stuff…


    Most of us have moved over to Emergency Home Preparedness.


    As TRex2 stated, most of us have moved over to the Emergency Home Preparedness forum. Seems the APN is now nothing more than an advertising forum.

    Go to emergencyhomeprep.forumotion.com for for a good preparedness discussion with good prepping people.


    I’m removing the ads and spam as fast as I can, but since I have a full time job, it takes me a while. Hang in there.


    Wordpress software was never intended to run a forum on. I don’t know if the Owner/Administrator can or will do this, but the only way you will win this is to not allow links in posts until you, as moderator “promotes” the user to a level that can do it.

    You also need to find a way to block automated creation of user accounts and kill those which appear to be spam related, or that don’t follow the rules.

    Even then, you will find users frustrated by the fact that the software doesn’t behave the way any other forum works. If you can overcome the other hurdles, I might be able to help you with the last one. (I am good at technical writing, and I might be able to write a user intro that will help.)


    Is Kentucky preppers network coming back?


    Only if you bring it back.

    Evans Julce

    Hello All. Happy New Year.

    I have absolutely nothing prepared. I used to think Prepping was paranoid and a bit exaggerated. But I saw some things go down in my sister’s country, I’ve grown more and more aware of how many people are entirely dependent on some government agency taking care of things, and I read an article on the probability of shtf.

    The article was written by a level-headed man who is not a prepper but understands the odds. I started watching youtube videos. And I’m sold.

    I realize how underprepared I am. I realized there are many many things necessary and I’m ready to start.


    Welcome! First, you have realized that you NEED to start preparing, and realized your lack of preparedness. That puts you ahead of most of the “sheeple.” Start with food and water, then go from there. An easy way is to just buy a little bit extra of foods you normally eat, every time you shop. Pay attention to sales. Stores usually have something different on sale every week, so to make it easier on your budget, start with things you usually buy, when they’re on sale. Plan on a few days’ worth of food initially, then a week’s worth, then two weeks, then a month, and go from there. You’d be surprised how quickly you can build up a good supply.


    Hi Everybody,

    New to the site, live in Albuquerque NM, and wanted to see if:
    1. There was anyone else in my area.
    Would be nice to know the other preppers around here, if they already have a group, and what their thoughts are for bug out locations and evac planning.

    2. If anyone has any tips for prepping in a small apartment.
    Me and wife don’t have much room and I am considering using our storage unit for extra food and water. My biggest concern with that is rats or mice getting into it.

    I checked other NM forums but they don’t seem very active. I thought this would be a good place to start.


    Using a storage unit is a good idea, for apartment dwellers.
    Not perfect, but it is a start.

    Be sure to sit gallon water jugs on something soft, like a sheet of styrofoam, or they will begin to leak real soon.

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