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    Hello everyone. tripsmack here as a recent join, I wade into the formal prepper community. Been a standalone for some time but I know that there is strength an support in numbers. Have several family members who also prep but know I need to expand in my support an knowledge an to start networking an build a network or earn my way in to an existing one if in area. Below are some of my skill sets from level beginner to master.
    Beginner: Gardner, canner, first aid, arborist, gunsmith, radioman, nutritionist, trapper, sewing, solarist,
    Mid level: Mechanic/repairman, electrician, outdoor survival, marksman, reloader, construction/framer, project planner, computer repairman/builder, migwelder, plumber,
    Master: Machinist, teacher/pastor, . Thanks an i look forward to reading, learning an growing in all prep fields an knowledge.


    Illini Warrior

    welcome >>> disbelief that someone’s post ISN’T some kind of the usual spam crap ….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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