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    Thought that I would share this…a sad but true event that occurred to me yesterday and which I attribute to the continuing dumming of America.

    Yesterday I was shopping at Walmart (ok, perhaps first mistake but it is conveniently located close to my house). I was walking by the furniture aisle and saw the book shelves, which reminded me that I need some cheap book ends for the books on my shelves at home. I saw and employee and…

    “Excuse, ma’am, but could you tell me where I could find book ends?”

    “Book ends? What are those for?”

    Rather shocked, I could not help but look at her while trying to keep my facial expressions under control. She stared at me with eyes like those of a slug just before you pour the salt on it. She chewed gum (or was that her chud?). After a moment I replied:

    “They are for books, to keep them up right on shelves.”

    “Oh, books and magazines are up front by the registers.”

    I left.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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