What are you preparing for?

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    p0rk ch0p

    During my few years as a prepper, I’ve come across many different people preparing for different eventualities. I’m sure we’ve all seen the show Doomsday Preppers, with each episode a new person is preparing for a different eventuality.

    I am a part of a prepping group, and we are preparing ourselves for the unrest caused by a single or chain of events. Be it a financial collapse, earthquake, martial law, perry exploding or heck even an alien invasion. Whenever something big happens, there’s always a group of ruffians that want to loot, destroy stuff and if it’s bad enough, kidnap and rape. I live in between Cleveland and Akron, typically, cities tend to be where civil unrest occurs.

    I’m curious to see what events (if any) the Ohio prepping community focuses its efforts on in the hopes to discuss and or learn something!


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