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    Ever heard of the novel What Came After by Sam Winston? Finally a modern novel capable of taking its place with classical dystopian fiction like 1984 and Brave New World. Imagine, if you will the grittiness of McCarthy, the frank starkness of Orwell, the insight of Huxley, and the intelligence of Vonnegutt and you can approximate this novel. I am over 1/2 through and I am hooked. Imagine a world where authoritarian fascism has given way to corporate feudalism. Where profit is no longer possible but the power is fully vested in corporate entities that have sold this nation to Asia and carved up fiefdoms in the US urban centers with hierarchies like Ownership, Management, Labor, and Generics. Where all corporate interests, including people are branded with RFID to identify and transact business with. All others who are not branded are Generics and are marginalized to a slow death eating mutated GMO food with no services or infrastructure. Enter a father, a mechanic, a husband, a wizard int his world because he can make things work in a world that no longer can fix things. He has a daughter going blind from the poisons of the corporations and no healthcare. He undertakes a journey to get her medical treatment. Take the names of the business in his novel and insert Blackwater, BlueCRoss, Halliburton, Monsanto. I HIGHLY recommend this novel.

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