What does your EDC look like?

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    I’m pretty obsessed with the EDC subreddit but I was wondering what does your EDC look like. I’ll start

    I carry everything in my fanny pack along with my Britta filter bottle

    It looks like this unpacked

    left to right; top to bottom

    Britta filter bottle
    Emergency poncho
    Emergency blanket
    USB fan
    USB rechargeable Battery
    Solar/USB rechargeable battery
    a plastic fork
    Electroinic bits in mint tin (spare headphones and usb cable mostly)
    Keys (also gun tool and off brand swiss army knife
    phone and wallet case
    in the altoids tins are a fire kit, a first aid kit, and in the blueish one…. mints
    combo knife, bottle opener, corkscrew and lighter thing i found in the checkout lane at walmart
    lifestraw (would rather have my sawyer mini because i think its more useful but it takes up a LOT of room)
    business card wallet
    hung bao envelopes (i do kungfu and its a part of the culture to give lucky money in red envelopes)
    folding knife
    Hipoint C9
    pill container

    I really do wear the fanny pack, I am almost always in exercise clothes or my kungfu uniform so I dont often have good pockets.

    What are you carting around?

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