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    What becomes of me if SHTF and I am Traveling?? I this concerns me alot. I mean I know chances are slim but what if? Hubby and I have talked about it but I need to consult with some of you that are more experienced at survival and have more knowledge of what would be best. This is a three part question – please by all means give me your honest opinions……

    I travel for work. 3-4 times a year, which isn’t too much it’s just that it’s usually clear across the country. I live on the west coast in WA and I am almost always traveling to the east coast usually right smack in the middle of a big city. I think if a financial collapse were to happen there might be a big enough “window” that I could get home. IF not flying, I could make good progress in the rental car our company always has until the gas stations were dry anyways.

    But I keep thinking about what happens if there is a pandemic or solar flare or EMP. All hotels use those stupid card keys now, they don’t work without electricity, if there is an EMP (or something to that effect) will I be locked in (or out of) my room? Are there some tools I could take with me to help me get out of my room if this is the case?

    So far from home with LIMITED resources – would it be more healthy for me to accept the fact that I most likely will never see my husband and family again? Start new at in whatever area I end up? Gosh that makes my heart just sink :'( . Should I run to the nearest store and stock up on whatever I can with cash hold out in the hotel or get the heck out of dodge and try to join up with group somewhere? I have made it a point to re-skill myself and do have something to offer if a group would consider me. I think we all know what is likely hood of happening to me as a girl traveling alone. 🙁

    Here is what I usually bring with me – keep in mind company policy does not pay for over weight bags, shipping fire arms, or an extra bag & I can’t afford it either. So I have one 50lb suitcase and one carry on, and my purse. In addition to my work clothes that I have to bring I already take:
    – Cash
    – Extra food (approximately 2 days worth, that does not required cooking)
    – One N95 or better mask & a set of rubber gloves
    – Hand disinfectant
    – A small supply of meds in a small first aid kit
    – At least 3 pairs of regular clothes (and good shoes) that match or surpass local conditions for that time of year.
    – Two pair of socks, for each day I am there.
    – Always a coat.
    – A good knife (checked in luggage)
    – A multi-tool (also checked)
    – Survival whistle with all the gadgets (in purse)
    – LED Flashlight (one checked, one in purse)
    – Always have two big bottles of water with me through the airport and to hotel
    – Cell phone
    – Lighter (checked)
    – Oh and my “carry on” is always a backpack

    Any preppers out there on a Friday night with some ideas and/or advice???

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