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    Now that the warmer weather is here the garden plot is being cleared(still waiting for the soil sample test result) but the greens in the greenhouse are flourishing so I planted some more lettuce along with endive to try something different. The strawberry plants are coming around and the seeds have been sown for the squashes for transplanting later this month.

    The 4 pullets made it back from NH just fine and are adapting to their new home just fine. Hopefully they’ll start laying by June(they’re bigger than I thought they’d be), and have explored the run and coop, checking out their new digs. Have to keep the dogs away from the run; one wants to herd them and the other wants to eat them, I’m sure.

    We’re not used to having chickens in the yard and this is the first livestock we’ve ever had so if things go well we’ll expand eventually now that we’ve got a good source for our chicken supply. My husband spoke to the supplier and was told that the orders for chickens have never been as high so it appears as if more people are getting on board with this.

    Out and about yesterday all day and saw people buying fencing(probably for runs), plants, garden supplies and canning supplies.

    We swung by our local gun dealer’s and not a single box of .22 ammunition could be found. It’s a good thing I bought a good supply months ago because there’s just none to be had and the dealer didn’t know when any more would be coming in. Ammunition purchases for handguns were restricted to 2 boxes(if that many of any caliber could be found) although shotgun ammo was not restricted. Supplies are low for everything. We’ve never seen anything like it.

    The preliminary election results are in and it will be Markey(D) running against Gomez(R) for the special election slated in June for US Senator to replace Kerry’s seat.

    The dealer expressed concern about Markey winning(I’m sure he will) and the anti-gun agenda will be heavily influenced and overriding current MA laws. Small wonder why so many are cleaning out the supplies. Some speculation, never before heard in this neck of the woods, followed but that’s for another time.

    My husband’s silver order arrived a few days ago(finally) and my youngest son, who’s visiting for a few days, is also acquiring it.

    There’s alot of wood waiting to be split and stacked for later this year and a few more trees on the property are coming down so we won’t be needing to buy cords of wood any time soon.

    Gas prices were down to $3.35 a gallon but now appear to be creeping up a few cents so we replenished our supply.

    I’ll be scouring the yard sales for any useful items I can pick up(tax free), especially kitchen items.

    What’s everyone else doing?

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