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    What heater(s) do you keep for your home in case of power outage/SHTF?

    Not talking about a full home backup. Just a space heater.

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    I’m planning on getting a root cellar built, (a fairly large one) that would also be my ‘go to’ BOL for short term emergencies. It would also be used to store my preps, so I can finally move them out of my spare bedroom. If that emergency were to be days instead of hours, what would be the best way to keep warm? I have hand warmers, blankets, and extra clothing, but I live in Michigan. I know root cellars need ventilation built in, which I will do, but I doubt that would be good enough for having a small propane heater. Ideas?


    Anyone with tried and true advice on brand/model?

    I was looking at the kerosene heaters, and also this one (more pricey)



    Okay, don’t know if this is in the right area.
    The current home we live in (we own it, or at least we own the mortgage on it) is in a townhome community. Officially its a condo.
    It has no firestove, no fireplace, and the heating is natural gas that requires power to open the zone valves which then allow the heated water into the radiators around our house.
    I live in Fairbanks, AK. Our winters get down to -30s (average) to -50’s.
    If we lose power, then we lose heat.
    We do have a generator and a space heater but that tiny space heater would make one small room slightly warm in serious outdoor temperatures but not really make a dent in the rest of the house.
    We are contemplating purchasing outside of town, a house that has a pellet stove or firestove but I’m still wondering.
    In a power outage, is there some heat source that I’m overlooking?
    What could be used in a townhome with no firestove/pellet stove?

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