What is your favorite spice or sauce?

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    I don’t know if you can call it a spice but I love hot sauce. Texas Pete is a good brand. I have been known to put it on just about anything I eat. I break out in a sweat everytime I eat the stuff but it is good. My mother is 87. I moved her in with me several years ago. This town is small but it has it’s good areas and bad areas. She was in one of the worst.
    She is safe now. If somebody wants to get to her, they are going to have to get through me first. And that is not going to be easy to do.
    Getting back to hot sauce. She can eat the heat and never let on. Most of the time all the hot sauce and peppers down her are really mild. She was eating a new pepper and told me they were good. All of a sudden she started blowing and saying whew, whew and blowing. She pushed them over to me. I told her that I think I will pass.
    The bottom line is that a man or women has got to know their limits. If it burned her, I ain’t touching it.

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