What is your Get Home Plan (GHP) in and emergency?

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    One of the things we prep for is an EMP blast that could wipe out transportation and electronics in the city. This would mean no cars and no communications. My wife and I both work across the Ohio river from where we live. She actually works a few blocks from the foot of a 4 lane bridge that crosses the Ohio and my parents live a few blocks from the foot on the otherside of the bridge. My prayer is that she can easily get across the bridge to my parents house. Our plan is that she would wait three hours and then gear up and arm up from our supplies there and work her way to our house about 7 miles away. We’ve got a 17 year old at home and he won’t sit still if he thinks his mom is in trouble so he has to sit and “defend the fort”. My job takes me all around town so I could be on either side of the river in a disaster and might be up to 25 miles away. My first goal is to get to the closest place, either home or my parents. Either place I would wait 3 hours and then head out. Option #1 is I would get to my parents and wait 3 hours and try to meet up with her before I head for home (unless she’d left a note to head home) Option #2 is that I wait 3 hours at our house and then start along the predetermined route to my parents house to find her.

    We are trying out different radio options that we might be able to keep in our Get Home Bags so we could communicate along the way. Our challenge at the moment is finding something that we can keep charged, and in the bag. Also cost and range is a concern.

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