What is your most unique DIY project at your BOL?

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    Just wondering what others would consider their most unique DIY project at their BOL.

    Don’t know as if I have done anything “unique” so far but have a few things on the “to do list”.
    Looking at an outdoor wood fired clay oven. Also looking at converting my barn loft to a bunk/storage/planning room. Want to insulate it, add some solar power lighting, a wood burning stove for heat. Plan is to put several Ariel photos of our BOL and area around it as well as some decent road maps under plexiglass for planning.

    Also will be adding gutters and rain barrels around the barn. Plan on elevating the barrels and the using them to feed a drip irrigation system in the near by garden area. We have a very small pond that I am planning on having the capability of using 12volt DC solar powered pumps to pump water from pond to garden and orchard should it be needed.

    Also looking at building an out door shower at some point.

    The project that I really want to start is a pavilion with a summer kitchen in it.

    Still have a few priorities on the actual BOL such as replacement windows for one room and finishing to basement room (more decorative but it keeps the wife happy!)

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