What kept you from making that shot?

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    All of my immediate family hunts, wife and kids. It seems that every hunting trip there is a new painful lesson learned by one of us. The list is extensive as to why one of us messed up an opportunity at game. Hunting is a great teacher when it comes to being proficient at stalking, stealth, operating in the woods, and shooting. I’m going to list a few lessons we have learned the hard way, as simple as they may seem they probably cost us a deer at one point. And these are things you likely will not experience on a gun range, and if you do it is no big deal just shoot again, but when hunting you typically only get one shot. Making a field shot can be incredibly simple but there are like a million ways to screw it up. Can you add anything to this list?

    1. Improperly zeroed rifle
    2. Left the safety on
    3. Rushing a shot
    4. Failed to control adrenaline dump, held breath, too shaky
    5. Failed to seek ground support, or sticks, to shaky off hand
    6. Facing the wrong way, bad angle, cant get the rifle into position
    7. Improper shot placement, not understanding exactly where to aim at angled deer
    8. Not waiting until you have a clear shot in brush, bullet deflected
    9. Failure to chamber a round, clicked on an empty chamber
    10. Waiting for a better shot that never happens
    11. Thinking the other person you are hunting with was going to shoot, waiting for each other to shoot
    12. Moving too quickly and alerting the animal of your presence before you can aim
    13. Freezing up and not moving aggressively enough to get up and on target
    14. Giving off target indicators like smell, movement and such, resulting in the animal avoiding you completely without ever seeing it
    15. Head down reading, sleeping or texting and missing the animal as it passes
    16. The bolt comes slightly up, unlocking the chamber, resulting in the gun not firing
    17. Failing to chamber a new round after shooting, screwing up your next opportunity
    18. Being unprepared and cold to the point where you get up and leave long before hunting should be over
    19. Flat out bad location due to being out of touch with the animals patters of movement
    20. Being too close to the animals patterns of movement and not being far enough way, so they blow on you and split
    21. Failure to clip a bush or branch out of your way, resulting in limited fields of fire
    22. Not being ready, holding a cup or eating for example with stuff in your hands
    23. Being impatient and leaving before the shooting light is gone, and bumping an animal close to you that you could have shot with a little more patients
    24. Tried a shot you never should have attempted due to distance, or speed the animal was moving
    25. Forgetting a critical piece of gear like a tag or bullets
    26. Being too impatient and taking a shot too early when if you would have waited the animal would have turned or closed the distance for an easier shot
    27. Being too loud moving into position
    28. Being dialed way to far up on magnification making it impossible to find the animal in your scope
    29. Failure to find the animal due to not remembering where it was standing or not bringing a light with batteries to follow the blood trail
    30. Dragging your feet and getting in position after sun up.

    The list goes on and on. Its basic hunting 101 but most people have to learn these lessons the hard way. Hunting is a great teacher and skill builder in my opinion. People who shoot but don’t hunt are really missing out for so many reasons. So what kept you from making it happen?

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