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    I live in western NC in an apartment. I have health problems and I am a senior citizen. For many years I have attempted to explain to people what is going on and what will happen to us if we don’t prepare. Until recently it seemed I was the only one with these beliefs. Thank God there are more and more people waking up.

    I wonder how our elders will survive? Will it be survival of the fittest? Will an elder be taken in by a group of Pioneers if they have skills that contribute to the well being of the group?

    This is an area we need to explore and each look into our heart of hearts to decide how seniors will live.


    Welcome NCDandylion1947. Our elders represent an untapped fount of knowledge. In the “olden” days, an elder was respected for their knowledge and wisdom (usually from decisions and actions taken in the past which “educated” them) and I hope those days return.
    Again welcome and we look forward to your input.


    Even though this new forum is brand new, we are already seeing some excellent discussion topics pop up – awesome!!!

    NCDandylion1947 – i think that i can speak for most of the preppers on the American Preppers Network and the Canadian Preppers Network when i say that the majority of us feel exactly like YeOldFurt…and yes NCDandylion1947 – in the event of SHTF – these preppers will definitely be on the look-out for seniors to contribute their excellent knowledge and experience to their groups!


    When I grew up, the saying was one is never to old to learn and none is never to old to teach. There is no such thing as an old fart when it comes to teaching knowledge, there is only wisdom. Even people that have no trade have the wisdom to teach what they have learned.

    Unfortunately, Should there really be a widespread prolonged cathastrophic (phew what a word, english is not my first language lol) event it will be many of the elder, infirm and young people who are the first to be a victim. I shudder thinking about the amount of collective knowlege and potential future talent that will be lost.

    It is up to us to preserve as much knowledge as we can. And should nothing happen, still do not let this knowledge die go out and teach someone.



    One thing that we can do right now….if you have parents/grandparents or other older friends/relatives, LEARN from them. Ask them to teach you the skills that they have. You will brighten their day by spending time with them, having a willing pair of hands to do the harder work can help them out, and you can learn some valuable skills.

    If you have skills already, TEACH them to your children, or to family/friends. You will provide them with valuable skills, be able to share the workload, and have some good companionship at the same time.

    An added benefit, is that by learning from/teaching to others, you can build a valuable network of likeminded people who can band together if things get really crazy.


    I agree with what the others have said. We have plans for generational housing Unfortunately the amount of land we have will not be able to support too many non family members. I only hope that people would remember the elders in their community if something should ever go wrong.


    @Hansel1 wrote:

    It is up to us to preserve as much knowledge as we can. And should nothing happen, still do not let this knowledge die go out and teach someone.


    This is scary. First, my family will not let our elders withers. Even though this commie gov would like nothing better to happen. I took a Chinese history course in college, and one thing they did when Mao took over was get rid of the elders because they HAD knowledge, especially of freedom. God help our country. WE all need to be vigilant.

    Old Mcnerd

    I’m a senior and a Vietnam combat veteran, ignored by recent generations on both counts, but it no loss for me, just sad that mankind has to be that way. I was informed a few years back of the need to prepare for hard survival for a period of one year and to learn how to ‘can’ and preserve foods to teach others and to stockpile. I was also instructed to research specific subjects such as the Mayan pyramid, calendar, and 2012.

    I have no instructions or warnings of survival beyond the one year (max) period, but also no reference as to exactly when that one year is to begin, so I prepare. The future beyond that is spiritual (not religious).


    btw, Thank you brother. We were instructed to learn survival by the masters & now we have the knowledge. Knowledge is enlightening………


    Old Mcnerd – thank you for your service! i look forward to your contribution here!

    and to all seniors who are members of this forum – we need you! we need your knowledge! and we are very willing to learn!


    Welcome Dandylion and rest assured, there’s people among us that will not let our greatest resource of knowledge disappear without a fight.


    Here’s a novel thought on “our elders”. They should be taken in by a family member ( if there is one ).
    I feel the historical DATA proves that the break down of the family precedes the breakdown of the established government.
    Our society has become extremely selfish from the cradle to the grave. I believe that GOD put us here and that everything we have is a blessing from him.
    He blessed us with a great country, With access to doctors and knowledge critical to good health. Homes, cars, schools, freedom and yet most parents don’t have enough time for their kids. Its about getting a nice house, a car, and a bunch of stuff to keep the kids happy. The kids grow up and they don’t have time for their kids or their parents and suddenly parents are left in a home for the elderly, segregated from the family. Why? Bottom line: because its hard, its hard to live with your parents AGAIN but you know what, its rewarding. It builds family ties and i might add keeps family wealth in the family, instead of shelling out 2,000-5,000 month for assisted living. Think of the messege that sends. We would rather pay to keep em away.
    I realize that there are special circumstances like alzheimer’s and dementia where the elderly person becomes violent but that’s not why most go to retirement homes.
    My wife are trying to get ourselves ready to eventually take in someone from either her side or mine. Its the right thing to do. They wiped our butts for 3-4 years i think we can return the favor .

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


    KS – you hit the nail right on the head! i couldn’t agree more! it’s time we all stopped talking and started doing the right thing!

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    what a beautiful way to end your post. thank you for reminding us!



    When we first started talking abut buying a farm, we also talked about our parents and our children. (And of course grandchildren were also in the back of my mind.) Among the many opportunities we have now that we actually own a farm is the opportunity for our parents to come and live with us when the time comes. As to the kids, that’s just because I want them to be safe and sound. (And grandchildren need a big safe place to explore, and a great-grandma around to spoil & scold them.)

    Sorry I missed this earlier. Good thoughts here.

    For Christmas my oldest daughter (26) gave my brother and I a wonderful illustrated scrapbook with the lines or lyrics to the stories my dad (who passed away a few years ago) used to tell my girls, and to Mikey & I when we were little. I cannot tell you how much you meant to us. It wasn’t just that she’d preserved the words to “There was an old lady I heard tell, she went to market her eggs to sell… .” It was that she remembered and cherished Grandpa Bobby’s words. Beyond the practical, there’re so many reasons to include “our elders” in your lives.


    oh Marica…now you got me teary. crap! and i am trying to preserve my non-mushy reputation that i have finally established here!

    we sooo need our elders. we sooooo need them back in our lives. our society has fallen apart…and i truly believe that our elders are the only ones that can help us!

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