What to take to BOL and what to keep at home

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    Just looking for what others have done when they got a BOL as far as how they divided your equipment and supplies between home and BOL.

    My thought is to consider equipment/supplies based on severity of the event- so for example something like winter storm that last a few days, something that is a few weeks and then a TEOTWAWKI event.

    I am also wrestling with security issues in that if I take stuff to BOL and it gets broken into I might be SOL. But maybe I just make sure the items are covered by our insurance?

    Something else I keep thinking about is spares (one is none and two is one). Do I take the better equipment to BOL or the lower end piece of equipment (Spare)?

    Do I take a quarter, half, three quarters of my ammo to BOL?

    I’m thinking for food all dehydrated can go to BOL since we keep plenty of “normal” food stocked in our pantry at home for incidents lasting about a month.

    Just looking for how others handled stocking their BOL.

    Am also looking at being able to load up and Get out of dodge quickly and with out looking much different than if I’m going camping for the weekend.

    I do have a new quality gun safe at BOL that will secure my guns. So no problem there.

    Some of what I have already done includes moving the vast majority of my hardware supplies (nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners, wire, connectors, rope, chain, cable, etc) to the BOL. It is an hour one way to Lowe’s from the BOL but at home I’m only a minute or two from a hardware store if I need something.

    Have also taken the majority of hand tools, shovels, picks, axes, saws, etc to the BOL as well.

    90% of my propane, Coleman and kerosene lights have been taken to BOL.

    Starting to take most of our cooking stuff for “camping” too.

    Any thoughts?

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