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    Guys I am trying to prepare for the tribulation period before the second coming of Christ.
    Do you guys think it would be better to install a woodstove in your suburb home? or save and buy a rural hidden plot of land and put a large shed with a woodstove and convert to a bugout shelter or a second home? My home is on the very last street of the city before you get on the highway or enter rural areas. There is a natural lake one street away. I have a year supply of food storage, weapons etc.. and 0.6 acres to garden on with chickens etc. So for not being in a rural area I would say I’m in the best location otherwise. Please let me know your thoughts. So far this is what I got.

    Woodstove in suburb
    cheap heating bill
    Cooking source
    comfort knowing this is the last core piece of my suburb preps
    I can get experience using a woodstove and cooking on it now
    I could always transfer woodstove to plot of land if I later save up enough
    dangerous location, unable to hide and would have to fight any an all city raiders/gangs if that becomes a reality. constant high alert. Also right next the highway so first stop for the golden hoard.
    High maintenance ( labor of finding/cutting wood, loading stove and cleaning chimney)
    wasting money(6k for stove and install) because I already have a heat pump and propane gas logs
    I would have to get rid of gas logs to put wood stove up chimney.
    always a possibility of a house fire and home insurance goes up

    Separate bugout location
    safest location/concealment
    comfort knowing I am as prepared as I can be
    I can always sell the property down the road
    I could use for hunting now and when SHTF and 4wheeler and pass down to generations
    $$$$ lots of money which probably would not produce any money owning this property other than leasing to hunters which may pay property taxes or maybe doing airbnb if I buy land with a house
    the fear that I am just crazy and this may be a waste of time and money(at least I can eat my food storage) if nothing ever happens, could of used money for other fun or important things for my family
    I will not be living there so unable to protect from robbers or meth monkeys
    Time it takes to save the money (looking at 5 years minimum)

    another possibility I thought of was putting a secret underground basement in my yard with a large shed on top of it with a secret entrance.
    close bugout location, easy to prepare
    if I put a woodstove in wouldn’t people quickly trace the smoke to the shed and find the secret entrance? Solar panels?
    don’t you legally have to have windows or a separate entrance to exterior? So this would make this pointless as it would be easy to find
    again lots of gang/traffic due to suburb location
    adds $0.00 to resale of my home if I ever do sell, wasting money

    thanks ahead of time and I apologize for sounding insane 😉


    Regardless: Have several plans. A place of concealment, food, fresh water. I would bug in as long as possible then bug out to a location that can support us. Shelter, food and fresh water must be factored.
    I have several places picked out and different routes to get there. Other people may consider the same locations. Maybe a friendship and cooperation can be established. Maybe not. Competition for supplies can make some violent. Hunger makes people do evil things. Be careful and do not indulge information freely. Do not be generous because it will be taken advantage of.

    Have plans and have backup plans when things change.

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