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    Well, first I had a little poke “salet” (that would be salad to you Yanks) – just a little to see if I have any reaction to it. Even though I grew up hearing about, I don’t think mom (or granny) ever cooked any, unless they mixed it in with the turnip greens. My cousin’s wife said her family ate it without changing the water (3 changes of water is recommended by the city folks that write about this stuff) and without picking just the young leaves. I took the conservative, safer approach until I see how I react to it. It had almost no flavor at all, as you might expect after changing the water twice.

    Then, I had salmon with basil and parsley from garden. Crumbled in some fat free saltines. Yum… Although the salmon is good, I’d prefer if I did not have to get my fish from a can.

    [the title is an ode to Grandpa Jones skit on Hee Haw]

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