What’s in your bug out bag?

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    Do you have a bug-out-bag? What are some of the items in your bag? I have one bag per family member and it’s important if you have one, to check it’s contents periodically, especially food item exp.dates. I read articles constantly with items that I have never thought of to put in a BOB.
    I personally have a large zip lock with hygiene items- wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, comb etc…One zip lock with firemaking items- waterproof matches, lighter, steel wool/battery(remember rules of 3). Another ziplock with things to keep you dry-emergency poncho, tube tent, tarp. Always have different ways to purify water- tablets, life straw or filtered water bottle. There are so many ways to put together a BOB. I won’t list everything in my bag but I would love to hear or should I say read, different options or ideas! 🙂

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