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    I do pressure canning, water bath canning, and vacuum packing in canning jars. I usually remove the rings from the pressure & water bath jars the day after canning. With vac-packing, I leave the rings on the jars.

    I just got a box of rings from a neighbor. Some are good some, have some rust on them, the really bad ones I threw away.

    I am wondering just how much rust everyone else ignores. I don’t like the idea of much rust on the inner surface that lays on the jar lids for vac-packing. A little is okay for regular canning (I think), since I do remove the rings.

    Just wondering if I’m assuming too much. :blink:

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    Hi folks,

    So, for the reusable tattler lids, I was not able to find any source for the rubber RINGS.

    I assume those RINGS should also be stored?

    Or should we just buy more lids (which come with the rings)?

    Anyone have any extensive experience with tattler lids? How many times do you reckon it can be used for pressure canning before needing to be replaced?


    I’d like opinions on whether it’s safe to use rusty rings. My mother always did and we never had a problem. I’m just a little leery though. It’s hard to keep them dry up here in the Pacific Northwest (I do my best but it’s really damp here most of the time). Any bad stories, good stories – should I get rid of them?????


    I live in the humid PNW, where rust and mold are the norm.

    What is the best way to store unrusted jar rings so they don’t rust? A neighbor gave me a smallish cardboard box of rings, and not one was rust-free.

    I have a couple of those smaller empty cookie tins — would that be an option? Toss in a few moisture absorbers?

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