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    I don’t remember if I have asked this question before, and the forum has gotten so large I would never find a post I made almost a year ago 🙂 I have what people around here would consider a whole lot and you guys would probably consider not nearly enough flour on hand. I have about 40# of it. We use it in regular rotation, replacing when we use. I don’t have more because I don’t know how to properly store for the long term, and don’t have the money for the fancy bags/buckets/packets – whatevers. So, here’s the question. What kind of wheat could I buy that would last a bit longer for emergency prep, and then what do I do with it. Also, in the eventuality of a teotwawki situation, rather than a regular-run-of-the-mill SHTF situation, would I be able to grow wheat, or would I need to figure out how to stretch what I have or cook without flour. Just thoughts and looking for opinions – thanks!

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