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    Reading Medic72 thread reminded me that years ago in a galaxy far far away (nursing school) we were told that in an emergency they would come for us. They being sheriff, national guard, crazed DON looking to staff the hospital. Seriously that we would be rounded up and expected to help.
    In the olden days I would have gone in a heart beat even though I was a single parent of one. In those days it would have been a flood or tornado or 3 mile island.
    Well fast forward to today in our post 911 world. Now could be anthrax and I have 3 teenagers and an elderly parent and a husband with chronic asthma. A natural disaster np but bio not so sure.
    My question to everyone who has a professional healthcare license is – is this still an option for the authorities ?

    Few years ago NYS started offering drivers licenses that stated your professional medical title – for an extra fee. Since I no longer speed like the 👿 I saw no need.

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