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    I was just reading the “what to do with non-prepping family members” post and I started to think about my responsibility to teach my children skills that can help them survive, not just day to day but those SHTF days too. But then I started to wonder; at what age do you start to teach your children various skills? My 6 year old has started shooting already, he is a good shot and more importantly at this age safe! (that nerf rifle paid off I guess). I also read books like “Worst Case Survival Scenarios Junior’s edition” and children’s camping books (non-fiction) to them for night time reading, believe it or not they pick the books out a lot of the time.

    Teaching certain outdoor/camping related skills is fine, but my moral and Opsec dilemma is when do you start and how do you teach the philosophy of preparedness? I don’t necessarily what to just brain-wash the kids into growing up with the preparedness mindset but would rather truly teach them so that when Mom and Dad aren’t around they can use free will and logic to see that it is the prudent thing to do.

    When we go out for family walks I always have the kids get us home, in my opinion this is helping them build awareness for a sense of direction on bearings. When walking through the park I point out certain plants and trees and ask them if they know what it could be used for. When at the beach skipping rocks I point out how some of the rocks could be used for make shift tools. Although my kids are city kids they know that food comes from farms, including from animals. My kids know what to do when the smoke alarm goes off or when the NOAA whether alert radio goes off. And as much as I know they already know more than some adults I can’t help but wonder what else I should be teaching them now and how.

    So fellow Prepper Parents, what skills, and lessons do you teach your kids, at what age and how do you do it?

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    Photon Guy

    During a TEOTWAWKI situation babies can sometimes slow you down and they’re a big extra responsibility but one thing that babies do, they grow up. As much of an asset as they are, children, even small children can sometimes really help out in such a crisis. I was thinking of the days when much of the west and mid-west USA was being settled by pioneers, when people would claim land out in the vast wide open and they would build their own houses and farms from scratch. Children as young as three would be working in the fields and everybody would help out. As a matter of fact, in the old days it was common for families to be big for that very reason, they needed man power and so people had lots of children so that they could help with all the work, with all the manual labor they had to do. So children can actually be a great help, and babies, as soon as they grow up a bit and are able to, can help out.

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