Where are the Missouri preppers?

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    West Plains area.


    Hello everyone from our great state of showme! We are preppers living in S.W. MO (Hickory County) we moved from Saint Louis a year ago and do not regret leaving only wish it could have been sooner. Looking to find like minded folks in S.W. MO so we can exchange ideas and share information. We have been prepping for several years prior to our move and like everyone always prepping more and more hope to chat with you all.



    Don’t forget about the preppers Expo in Spingfield, Mo Nov 6. Its at Remingtons, 1655 Rebublic Rd.

    Everyone wear a nametag with your handle on it. Maybe we will run into each other???


    I am in Northern Howell co


    Current location Florissant, MO
    Bug Out Location Central MO or maybe its North or Maybe its West…..hehe


    Mossy, see what I mean? We preppers are scared of each other. The bad guys will form gangs and take us over.

    Without forming our own “gangs” and hanging together we are lost. Most of us are in our SIP locations and don’t want to or can’t leave. The bad guys have nothing to lose so are free to roam and take what they want and need.

    We need communities.


    I couldnt agree more. Its not fear of you that drives my unwillingness to devulge info, its the others that may troll this site, including perhaps officals in local, state, or federal venues. I am not delusional or paranoid about it, just think its a good rule of thumb to keep em guessin…..hehe..

    We can always chat off line about community planning.


    New member here from Warren County, MO, just west of St. Louis.


    Good to meet you, trski. We just bought a house and some land just north of Troy.


    Columbia here…New to the forums and, I guess, prepping too. I have thought things have been steadily going down hill in the past few years, but have only recently “woken up” to the fact that I am the only one who can protect myself and my family when it does. Since then I have been scouring the web for books, info, blogs, etc. and any tips from locals are always welcome. Good to be here and best of luck to all.



    NOMAD, lots of people in here to help. Ask for anything you need.


    hey you forgot christian county Mo.


    Hi, new to the site, sadl relatively new to prepping. Only been at it for 3 years. Low income keeps me from doing too much but this year is the year things get better for us. Harsh huh? Stuff is going downhill and we just now have our finances together. Oh well, better late than never.

    We are in Clinton, MO Henry county. Almost exactly between KC and Springfield. Sorry to hear I missed an expo in Springfield. Please let me know how to keep tabs on when and where the next will be? With enough notice we can come down.

    I raise meat rabbits. Just getting restarted after a hard hit to our herd from pasturella (we think), but once we are going again be glad to offer rabbits to others. We have one line going of Meat Mutts (mixed breed) and if the doe took we will have a pure NZW line going. Will know in about a week, she is due around the 5th.

    I have a website, is it ok to share that here?


    You’re not the only one evans. Hence the name poorboy. Been at it over a year and haven’t got past the 3 month mark. Oh well, we’ll be alright. I’ve been sitting here scraping by in FL. Moving back to MO in a couple of months. Somewhere South Central within driving distance to West Plains most likely. If I can’t find work there then it will be Sprgfld or Branson area.
    I sat down and figured it out. We’ve paid over 20k in rent in the last two years and ain’t got squat to show for it so we’re taking what little savings we have and paying cash for whatever land we can afford. Probably 2-3 acres. As long as we can find some kind of work we should be able to get things done pretty quickly with zero payments aside from auto ins. Will probably start out with no elec or well. We’ll be living in a 5th wheel and will build one big room on to it asap. Hopefully things will hang on for another year or two. Either way, it’ll be good to be out of this land of entitlement types, get rich quick rip you off types, retired wealthy spoiled old folks and the generally crazy, lazy and strange
    We lived in S Ctrl MO for a couple of years but came back to FL for aging family. Most of them are gone and the rest are clueless. Mo-in-law thinks .gov is the answer and they should charge more taxes. :blink:
    Can’t wait to get back to the good people of MO. Cya soon.


    Welcome Poorboy, to the board and back to Mo!

    Just wondering where everyone is at? Seems like our lil neck of the board is kinda slow 🙂 Seems like we all have checked in from all over the state now what? Sorry just wondering whats going on thats all…
    Blessings Everyone

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