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    So I am new to the community and have really enjoyed this website. I live in North Dakota with my wife and son. We are both RN’s and area a avid outdoors couple. We hunt, fish, clean game and process the meat on our own. We also plant our own garden each year. We aren’t Bear Grylles, but we can hang. We were just wondering a good place to start with our own prep.

    The one thing I did was start an Excel Spreadsheet with several tabs. Under each tab is a category (Food (including seeds/manageable livestock), Supplies, Tools, Weapons/ammo, How-To Guides and Medical). As I research topics I try to remember that less is more (except for food/water). I type down items under the appropriate tag and highlight them in red when I have a solid 6 month supply. I try to cross off one item at a time.

    The one very useful thing I have done is utilize the internet to gather information on a broad range of survival techniques from knot tying to aquaponics and rocket stove building. I am surprised how many guides the US Government provides for free (Including a FEMA guide to building a wood gas burning motor). Anyways, I was just interested in hearing ideas about where to start and how to manage preparation in a organized fashion.

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    It seems like this is the third time I am starting again. Anyway, better to be starting again than leaving it go, right? So I need to get back into the swing of things. I realized last night (thankfully when I didn’t need it) that I don’t even have a change of clothes for us in the car anymore. We had used them intermittently and never replaced them. No food/water in the car. In the house, it seems like I am going through the food and not replacing. We just got our coal last month (usually I get it over the summer). I have just let things go. I never even think about my route anymore when I go somewhere, think of alternates in case or whatever. Things I used to do naturally like grab a “food bag” before we left the house and thinking about what we would do in various situations. I have acquired nothing over the last 6 months.

    I just got out of a bad marriage. It’s my three kids ages 8 (medical concerns), 6 and 4. My ex-husband is an outdoors type who knows how to work with his hands and get stuff done. I need encouragement, accountability, and ideas. I am generally incompatant in some areas, just because I was never taught. He always felt if something happened, he would be the “do-er”. I was just the cook, maid and general caretaker. So, I really need to know how to get into learning!

    some of you know and remember me, and lots and lots of you are new to me. I hope I can get back into this community again like I used to be! Missed you all, and missed prepping!!!


    hey i want to get me and my family started in prepping what is the first thing we should do we already have 4 guns a .22 rifle, .22 revolver, .12ga shotgun, and a .308 rifle with scope. we also might have enough for 2 weeks – 1 month of food, because my mom is a couponer and buys extra.


    :help: i am trying to start prepping but im not sure where to start, so i just started with Medical, Water, and food. :help:

    I am looking at buying WaterBobs wholesale, maybe 50. 100Gal x 50= 5000 Gal Fresh Water. Opinions or ideas???
    And i am also looking at MREs or Emergency food but dont know what exactly i should pay attention to….Opinions or ideas???

    So far i have a bag of medical supplies:
    (1) Solarcaine Medicated First Aid Spray
    (1) MGP Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray 50 mcg (Allergies Nasal Spray)
    (1) Povidone Iodine Topical Antiseptic Germicide (10% Topical Solution)
    (1) Safeguard Specimen Bag – contents
    Saline Wound Flush
    Sterile Disposable Gloves
    Large Gauze pads
    Small Gauze wrap
    (1) Box of 130 Sterile Cotton Ball
    (1) BD 60ml Luer-Lok Syringe
    (1) Box of 10 small sterile gauze pads
    (1) Medline Elastic Bandage
    (1) 3M Medipore Bandage Tape
    (1) 3M Micropore Bandage Tape
    (2) Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide
    (2) Large Sterile Adhesive Bandages
    (5) Bottles of Advil Liqui-gels (80 capsules ea.) 200mg
    (6) Sof-Form Stretch Bandages
    (12) 3″x 3″ NutraMax Latex-Free Sterile Pads
    (13) 1/2cc Insulin Syringes (I’m not diabetic)
    (15) 4″x 4″ Medline Latex Gauze Sponges
    (15+) Assorted Sterile Band-Aids

    ** Lots and Lots of gauze and wraps

    Please any help with medical, Water or especially food would be greatly appriciated..


    I live in North Dakota, about 70 miles west of Minot Air force base. My primary reasons for prepping are for a nuclear strike on that base (they are part of the 815th nuclear battalion tending to 116 nukes in the area). I am also in need of prepping for the frequent winter storm and infrequent tornadoes. My idea is to just get prepared for these three situations first before I tackle any larger-scale, apocalyptic events. My prep is based on the assumption that I might have to fend for myself for up to six months before governance is reestablished (not like a TEOTWAWKI situation).
    To start out, I want to wall off a portion of my basement and put in a second staircase that I can conceal behind a coat closet leading to a steel door into my bunker room. In my bunker room I want to store 500 gallons water, 6 months of dehydrated food for myself, lithium battery powered lanterns in case the power goes out, battery supply, .22 Rifle, 9mm glock, .410 shotgun, with ammo. NOAA radio, basic first aid supplies, The bunker room would have a bed, toilet, shower, foldup table and chairs, camping oven with a standard propane tank, kerosene space heater (with 40 galls kerosene). I wouldnt be able to run a generator from inside the confines of the bunker room, so I’d have to live without that until the fallout/tornado/intruder danger has passed, but I do want to get one and store gasoline for it too.
    I bought my property from a farmer about 5 miles from the nearest town, and fenced in my acre plot. Theres really only enough trees for a windbreak so anything with wood is out of the question. I have a drilled well on my property and septic tanks. I live alone for now but might get a housemate (coworker) once I finish my bunker room. My ideas for prepping for long-term situations include a garden (seed bank first), rabbit farming, solar and wind power, rain catchment & filtration, and a library with books about homesteading, electrical work, and other skills I could learn. I haven’t given thought to any bug-out plan because I’m in the countryside as it is. I want to be able to live out of the bunker room for at least 3 weeks, then be able to secure the rest of the property if it still stands.
    What does everyone think so far? Remember, I’m not looking for an indefinite solution, just long enough to survive independently if I have to for a few months. (That will come later as I accrue more $$$) My biggest concern is security since my area has seen an increase in crime with the recent oil boom. Its not as bad as it is in Williston, 75 miles west, but it could make its way here.


    Hello all. So my wife and I have always talked about starting to prep but never truly acted upon our urge to start preparing for the next disaster. But when the Ebola outbreak started we decided that now was the time to get serious. Being that we do not have much money we decided we would just simply start by getting at least one item every time we went to the store. That method really does seem to make it much more manageable. But my question is this… what would anyone say the most important things are to get when just getting started? Besides food that is because we thought it was the most important to get at first.



    It would be helpful, if our APN members would respond to our newbies by posting links to the various areas, on the APN forum, that could answer their questions. It may be easier for some of us (that have been here for a while) to point them in the right direction, if they aren’t finding it themselves. Sometimes, navigation through all the posts can be difficult when first using the forum. THANKS for your help!

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