Who to let in your group, the how’s and why’s.

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    For most people it seems they have the group that would be protected when SHTF, which includes their immediate family, spouse, children… and sometimes some of their close friends. Every group wants a doctor, or at least a veterinarian, and someone who was or is Military, and a farmer. My question is for those who are new to prepping to be answered by those who have experience. How do you tell who to add to your group? Did you make a list and specifically become friends with people who fell into those category’s? Did you just meet at church? And what if someone who has a high priority on your list comes with the requirement that because of their skill their unskilled spouse, or children need to come with? Why would I exclude having a doctor in my group just because his late wife left him with two young children? Or, should I not accept a doctor who comes with an Entitled spouse? It seems as if within every group there are the Alpha Males…would you join a group if you were not considered the Alpha? Why/ why not? What would you do if someone wanted to join your group, had provisions, and no skills?

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