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    I stumbled upon the forums as many of the new folks here have via the Newsweek article. Now that I’m here, and it appears to be free of the drama of other sites, I’d like to try to network with folks near me and try to pool resources, be it information, purchasing pools, or just simple friendships. Let me know.


    😀 Howdy, D. Welcome aboard the MNPreppers- more than glad to have you. That Newsweek article sure got a lot of people interested in finding more about prepping, didn’t it?
    I’m from north of da range, but we have several people from the Twin CIties area, a few from Rapids area. The more the merrier- we can pool our resources, as you say, and come up with more information than we could ever use, and we can all use friendships.
    Again, welcome aboard.
    Shy III


    I’d like to make a shout out to any and all preppers in the area. We should form, at the very least an information network for what’s happening in MN for Minnesotans. Great local deals, untapped sources, possibly a buyers group for bulk purchases. We’re a hearty group up here in the frigid north and should band together. Get back to me here, or drop me a PM.




    I have a location that we can use for a get together. An American Legion Post in the Twin cities and camping close by. If we want to do something.


    We live in the NW metro area


    I live near the ‘Cities. Just thought I would drop in.


    I am here in the NW suburbs as well. Just found the site. I’m not a rabid prepper or doomer, but am fully aware of the peak oil situation. I’m mid 20’s, looking for other individuals in the area.


    We are a family of four who are urban homesteading in near W Minneapolis. We have always been food storage folks and now getting into more prepping activities.
    In Frith,


    Became a regular member and joined the group now!


    Just joined APN. Am a sponsor here. I own Safecastle LLC.

    Am located SW of the Twin Cities.


    i live in Central MN…anybody up in this area???



    I live a little north of Brainerd, and have lived in this area of MN for most of my life. My wife and I have a home on about an acre, and have been working on the property to make it produce food (veggies and fruit) since moving back to this area from Madison, WI, 2 1/2 years ago.


    Howdy! I’m just east of the metro area. Nice to see this forum is here.



    In the Buffalo area. Been doing a lot of reading about prepping the last couple of months. Some ongoing preps, a Get Home Bag, a little extra food etc. Nowhere near what we should have. Wife just rolls her eyes. Gald there are like minded people around!


    Just found the network and the state group and am thrilled to see others with the same thoughts, concerns and focus!!! We live in the SW Metro with a couple of acres. I have always been one to have a fair amount of food in the house, but we have a long way to go in this process as well as ‘everything else’. I am looking forward to reading and learning! Thank you!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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