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    I’m In the TC area too.


    Like many others I’m glad to see some people in MN are prepping :thumbup: I live in the cities and I’m just getting started myself so hope to learn a few things. I’ve had eyes rolled at me too so appreciate the like minded support, albeit via internet… Best wishes in your efforts!


    I guess I’d be the newest MN member here, I live in north central mn near the Chippewa Natl Forest. I’m not an alarmist or conspiracy type of guy I just want to make sure I have an edge if & when things get tough. I look forward to hearing from like minded members around me or anyone else needing some info I might have available.


    New to forum but not to prepping…well at least the practice of it. Stay at home wife and 2 young sons make my prepping very slow. Right now i’m concentrating on “skills” more than “things”. i believe in the long run if i can teach my boys how to farm, shoot (several different arms), prepare a kill, fix things, weld you name it they will survive anything. I’m down in Kato area if anyone is down here.


    My wife rolls her eyes at me too. Tells our friends that I think the world is gonna end… more worried about gas and bread being $8 bucks a pop is more like it.


    It is hubby and adult daughter that roll the eyes here. Oh well, I just keep plugging away and hoping.


    My wife was raised on a farm in nothern MN. i think she feels she already had to live like that and is resisting. but she married me, her dad and i are two peas in a pod so she can’t be running too far from her childhood. I’ll keep praying. the hard part is like old_viking said in a different post, about how everything is SLOWLY going down hill. if it were happening faster we might have some more spousal support. I realize that to most preppers it is moving fast, seems like everyday there is something in the news about a volcano, hurricane, tornado, americans getting killed just across the boarder, etc. but, some still think “that would never happen here.” anyway, didn’t need to get into a disertation.


    I have to agree with BOJaQ about things slowly deteriorating, especially economically. I also think this is the hardest thing to prepare for. I like what BOJaQ said about working on ‘skills’ too. I think that could be an important and useful strategy towards trying to prep for a gradual economic collapse where many of us end up having to become like peasants slowly but surely. It is going to be tough to prep enough to be prepared for such a scenario without a lot of skills.


    I am relatively new to the site. I live in the Northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities. I am not a hard core prepper but I am starting to stock things, food, tools, supplies, etc. I hope to meet some like minded individuals on this site. While I am certain the world will not end in my lifetime, I am convinced that this country is going to be in for some very hard times in the near future. My hope is, as well as what I pray for…is that I can learn from some of the people on this site and impart some of the knowledge I have gained. If we come into to REALLY hard times, I don’t think we are going to last very long if we do not LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER. I don’t think there is anything Americans cannot do if they keep their heads and work on problems together. If that notion goes away, we are doomed. As I said, my goal is to find like minded individuals who are willing to work with one another, put there differences aside and work towards a common goal. Sound Pollyannish? Perhaps, but if you are willing to give a hand up to your countrymen then both individuals will benefit.


    Andy From the South Metro. Been prepping since 08, as finances allow. Have a descentBO Plan in place. Still looking for like minded people to chat – lean from – teach to – swap stories and methods. It TSHTF and we HAD to bug, we would head north to the woods with the camper til we found others “like us”. I suppose we could survive for 6 months or so as of today(Off the grid).
    Wish we had more $$ for the ultimate chunk of Rural Land!!


    @JC Refuge-Safecastle wrote:

    Just joined APN. Am a sponsor here. I own Safecastle LLC.

    Am located SW of the Twin Cities.

    Wow, didn’t know Safecastle was a local company! LOL That’s great! I think I heard about you guys from Alex Jones program actually. Anyway, hello!



    New to the forum. Been prepping for about 5-6 months now. Live in the Saint Paul area.

    Anyone know who some of the older, established members are for MN Preppers? It’s always nice to have someone around that’s been doing this a while to help show the ropes! :blush:

    Anyway, hello and welcome anyone else!


    I’m an old soldier, who still shoots “0311& 11B”. I have redneck deep in my blood.
    I can, preserve, garden raise animals, and butcher. Am willing to teach, if you are willing to help!
    I am basically a jack of all trades!
    I have been prepping for quite a few years now!
    I am also a rough around the edges bornagain christian!
    I live in Red Wing Mn!

    I will be be skinning and butchering some young goats soons, if anyone wants to learn! It will start at the kill all the way the way to packed in little white packages! I have an electric meat saw etc!

    No Young Kids!!!

    If interested PM me!


    Tim, I butchered deer, elk and real beef. I would like a call when the canning starts, That is one thing I need to learn. If yours can teach jelly making that would be great too. This is a area, I’ve very weak on.


    @mombear wrote:

    Tim, I butchered deer, elk and real beef. I would like a call when the canning starts, That is one thing I need to learn. If yours can teach jelly making that would be great too. This is a area, I’ve very weak on.

    Are talking specifically jelly or jams and preserves also? Jelly’s are little more finicky, but we can do! These are usually pretty simple, just time consuming!

    We make some real good apple butter, don’t know it’s shelf life, it never lasts long!

    Figure out what you want to make and then we will look at the season!

    I have rhubarb, some berries, grape’s, apples, plumes, and hopefully some sascatoon blueberries if they survived the winter!


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