why i am glad i started as/am a teen prepper

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    i started prepping offically last year around october, i got started after watching doomsday preppers and googled prepping, at first i thought wow i wish i could afford to buy freeze dried food and a bunker, for a while i almost gave up because i couldnt afford the cost, but then i realized i had an obligation to prep, i learned how to use mylar, i got into gardening and chickens, instead of buying a huge stockpile of ammo (dont worry i have a huge stockpile now) i learned how to shoot my longbow accuratly and zeroed in the scope on my air rifle (really cheap to shoot), i started to teach myself more and more skills and i read/watched alot about prepping, and if the s doesnt htf in the next 6-10 years i will know to buy 80 acres instead of an 80,000 dollar bunker and strawberry plants rather then freeze dreid strawberries, but above all else it has given me a new outlook on life, i use to sit infront of a tv all day, now i get more enjoyment out of a cold glass of charcoal filtered rain water and a comfortable chair. i guess my point is that when you start prepping put yourself on a tight budget it will help in the long run

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