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    In Oregon right now there is a lot of good stuff out in the hills and valleys that is just begging to be collected and stored away for winter!

    In Umpqua Valley (and likely up and down I-5) the apples are ready to be picked, as well as the pears above and below about 1000 feet elevation. They are ready for canning. If you don’t have any on your property, it is worth driving around and seeing if there are ripe trees that haven’t been picked in the land around town, and perhaps offering some of your goods to the owners if they let you pick the trees (e.g. if you make apple butter you give them 1/4 of the loot etc. – whatever you feel is worth it). I would estimate approximately 80% of our neighbors out here have left their trees completely unpicked!!

    Acorns are up as well – here are white oaks mostly which you can pick and leach the tannin out and make nice flour to store.

    Hawthorn berries are in like crazy and for the next month should be good for jelly, cordial, and whatever else you want to do with it. Seeing lots of rose hips also which should be starting in about a month or less – after the first good frost.

    Here is a link for a fantastic fruit picker with a 12 foot telescoping pole that my husband and I both use and can vouch for:


    Here is a link to a recipe for amazing pear-apple chutney I found and made two days ago. Cook in hot-water bath for 10 min, adding time as appropriate for altitude:


    Hank Shaw’s blog (which is amazing for forage recipes) talks about using acorns here:


    A recipe for Hawthorn Jelly. Note: if your berries are too ripe, or you are picking later in the fall or early winter, you should add a packet of pectin as the natural pectin Haws are famous for will have decreased:


    Enjoy! There is no natural bounty like Oregon natural bounty :clap:


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