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    Paul Stevens

    Alternative Air Powered appliances and tools
    The innovative Alternative Energy folks at Cottage Craft Works .com have added the Amish made Wind Compressor.

    The unit will attach to an existing windmill tower or sit on a 6” pipe tower equipped with a gin pole to lower and raise. Google wind turbine tower construction using gin pole for design and construction for more information on building a tower.

    The Amish have been using this compressed alternative energy technology for over 30 years. Air powered tools and home use appliances are also available online.

    Compressor size range from a 1-1/2 to 10 HP. The compressor produces air in wind speeds down to 8 MPH.

    Tower height depends on the area and elevation required to deliver a sustainable wind speed. Google wind speeds for your area and sizing wind turbine towers for charts and calculations on the type of tower you will need to support wind power compressed air.

    The size of the compressor and storage capacity will also be determined by the amount of CFMs of air that will be used over a duration.

    While most appliances are only used for a few minutes at a time allowing air pressure to stay consistent, air tools such as used in an auto body shop will pour through the CFMs needing the air tank to be replenished every few minutes.

    The Amish use converted 1000 gal propane tanks for air storage. In anticipation for calm periods several LP tanks may be hooked in tandem or traditional gasoline or diesel powered air compressors may still supplement the air sources.

    An investment in compressed air alternative energy may not be for everyone. If air powered tools are already in use, then the initial investment may be worth looking into.

    The Compressor itself is shipped freight free within the continental US, the 1-1/2 HP starts at $3695.

    It includes the compressor, blades, and mounting hub as well as all the safety pressure switches and over speed protection components.

    Those who are handy and finding used, or reclaimed products can then save on the tower, and storage tanks.

    You can also find a host of Amish manufactured or converted air power tools, kitchen appliances and conversion motors at Cottage Craft Works .com. Since they are converted or made only a few at a time the price is about double what an electrical counterpart will run.

    For the long term air powered motors kept lubricated and free of condensation water in the air lines will likely well out last any electric motor. They are far superior in torque and lifetime over DC powered motors as well. This is the direct Link to the Wind Compressor.

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