winter storm headed our way

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    Hope all our southeastern friends and neighbors are ready for the ice and snow headed our way. Forecasters are saying we could have extended power outages. 😮 It really looks bad for the coastal areas… 😮 hours and hours of sleet and freezing rain. Have a sister in the Conway area (where it will be mostly sleet and freezing rain)who is not able to do much physically and has trouble cognitively since having had two strokes. She had always been so sharp, but after calling her tonight,I found out she was not aware of how bad this weather heading our way is going to be….no back-up heat. She is too far from us for us to be able to do anything at this point. Hope her son,who lives nearby, will do what is needed.

    They are predicting 5-12 inches of snow and some sleet in our area and the eastern part of SC and NC are advised of extremely hazardous conditions on the roads,plus the extended power outages. It has been years since we have had a storm as severe as this one is predicted to be. Many younger folks don’t have a clue,if it is as bad as they are predicting! 🙁

    Pays to prep!! Only picked up some bread and milk yesterday. (Have powdered milk on hand,too). Firewood is ready,food on hand,well water,etc,etc,etc……you all know!!!

    Stay safe and keep warm,Sandlappers,and Tarheel and Georgia folks!!

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