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    Well, the whole biking in Winter didn’t pan out for me for a number of reasons; fear of falling breaking a hip, difficulty sharing road with cars, extreme difficulty regulating my body temperature despite using appropriate clothing options & maneuvers like unzipping.
    Because of the diabetes cold really affects me so I bundle up but then toward then end I’m to warm especially my legs 🙁

    I walk a bit over 2 1/2 miles to work each way mainly over un-shoveled city sidewalks with one quarter mile stretch through a green space includes scattering of small trees, brush, open field. By applying principles of ultralite hiking, old fashioned bundling up, and a few must haves it hasn’t been as bad as I thought even when it’s in the teens with a wind chill factor.

    Switched out coats – went from a Columbia waist length jacket to a black knee length packable down coat. Twice as lite & warm packable means I can stuff it in my day pack when I’m shopping or hit the library.
    Removable fleece adjustable baclava hat. Working on making one out of nylon to slip over for those days when it’s wet snow.
    Neoprene face mask :ninja: don’t wear into a bank causes anxieties for that millisecond before you remove it.
    Good Winter mittens with a nylon shell. Also carry one knit glove in my right hand pocket for those times when I need to have dexterity.
    J.C.Penny version of under Armour (live in these now) long sleve with thumb holes chest zipper (allows venting) and bottoms.
    Fleece lined snow pants (black) with internal gaiters. I hacked them by adding elestic around the outside cuff prevents snow accumulation.
    Regular crew socks as I wear Omni lined Winter construction style boots also in black. If anything sometimes my feet are a bit too warm.
    WinterTrax – best $1 I ever spent @ a yard sale last Summer. They are so good I’d pay retain to replace them if needed. Has made walking on ice almost a pleasure !

    Day pack – water proof one outside pocket very lite.
    Besides my lap top in it’s own case I have 3 mylar e-blankets (shelter), 6 tiny binder clips, 4 very large binder clips, paracord zipper pull, 4 instant hand warmers, high calorie snacks, lighter, clean tuna can (melt water in), very small LED flashlight which I often use when I cross streets @ night to shine @ oncoming cars or to check out dark doorways/bushes before walking by.
    2 very small red bike lights (can be removed quickly) that strobe fixed on my pack front & back.
    Cocobutter for lips, tylenol, pocket tissues, small pocket knife.
    Couple of shopping bags made out of nylon shower curtain material that compress down very small – often stop to pick up a few things from store on my hike home.

    :gunshooting: to old man Winter

    ~~ pelenaka ~~

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