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    Who’s doing what with the cooking? We store a case of coleman fuel for the camping stove but this is not a long term solution.
    We put a wood stove in the sun room for heat & winter cooking 2 months ago. Has anyone built an outside kitchen for spring-summer-fall cooking? We are building a 12′ x 20′ woodshed and are thinking about putting a wood stove kitchen in it for cooking during warm seasons. Should this kitchen be in its own building or consolidated with the wood shed? Looking for ups & downs (other than the whole thing burning down) if anyone has done this or is planning on it.



    Hi rockinb,
    I dont have an outside kithchen but if I were to build one I would just have the shed as part of the kitchen but divided by wall with door (of course) to keep the dirt down from the wood storage area. The less distance from shed to stove is just much easier. That way you can spend more time cooking goodies and not have to leave one area to the next. The heat from the kitchen will also aid in seasoning the kindling and the firewood. JMO. I heat only with wood and you want it as handy as ever loving possible. Its enough work cutting splitting hauling and then just be right there at hand. Ha……… send the food recipients after the wood. :mrgreen:



    I agree with native87 on separating, the wood room from the kitchen, and I will go a step further. If you are building the shed and the added work and materials are not an issue, how about adding a small smokehouse to the shed as well, you could vent the wood stove into the smoke house for cold smoking, and have a burner in the smokehouse for hot smoking. You could add a damper to the stove’s smoke stack to redirect the smoke into the smokehouse, or redirected to exit straight out the roof. If you add enough space, you could have curing and butchering space as well. Just a few thoughts.


    😀 I HAD to come back. Got my wheels spinning. What D_Loki said is a WONDERFUL idea. You may want to look into including a wood water heater if its feasible for your location (water availability) This could save alot on electricity and you are burning the wood anyway. Why not get several things done with the same energy. LOL We will have you set up for commercial operation before long. ROFL Great idea D 😎

    Silent Bob

    We have gave this a lot of thought also . Walley World sells a hose that you can hook up your Colman propane stove to the 20 lb bottle that you use on your gas grill . Look at yard sales for empty 20 lb bottles , I found a couple there. When the propane runs out and it is too hot to cook on the wood heater inside the house ai found a small box heater that we will use .
    http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_200394664_200394664″ onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    This is similar to what we found at a garage sale . I cleaned it up and got a piece of expanded metal for the bottom of it and also got a couple sections of stove pipe so the smoke will be out of your face when cooking. Eve has a ( quiet space ) away from the house that has a cover over it that we will put it in when the time comes . The reason that we chose to put the heater there instead of our back porch is if the fire gets out it will not burn down the house.


    Great ideas everyone, you guys are awesome!
    We will build a much bigger building than we had planned and we are going to add separate rooms for cooking, processing, and a preserving/smoking room.
    We are also relocating the building next to the garden closer to the windmill & water tank so we can keep everything clean and also process veggies straight from the garden and keep the mess / compost out of the house.

    Thanks for the guidance!


    This was great! One fire doing as many different jobs as possible!


    I thought it was so great after I suggested it…I’m planning on working on the blueprints this week and planning the purchasing through the winter. Now to keep my eyes open ion craigslist for a stove :))


    bahhahahaha – you guys are killing me! and now i am off to do the same D_Loki!!!


    Some GREAT ideas here! If I ever get the chance to get my dream acreage, this is EXACTLY what I will do!

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