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    This topic needs to be considered. I have done extensive research about this and the usefulness to preppers in the application of it to generate electricity, mechanically drive machines of MANY KINDS such as grain mills, shop tools , printing presses, and a list that is almost endless. What inspired me was 2 things. My father worked his entire workin life for a Railroad her in Montana. He started out at the ripe old age of 17 as a locomotive fireman before the advent of the diesel locomotive. His ONLY job was to fire the boiler firebox under the water tank to boil the water and create a head of high pressure steam. He shoveled coal into the firebox during his entire shift at work. Yes, it was very hard, intensive labor. Today we have 4 of those very same locomotives that my father shoveled coal into on display in 4 cities that I know of at the old Railroad Depots in Billings, Livingston, Helena, and Missoula. After one has the steam engine it must have a source of coal, or wood to burn and a source of water. All that remains after that is to connect it to a generator or other machinery. Reliable?……as long as it is kept in operation and kept watered and fueled. Works when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. So, There are diagrams of designs with exploded parts drawings showing the parts that make up the steam engine. What sizes do we need? Depends on the application and how much work you want to get out of it. They could be built in a common machine shop today. Cost? Ask a machine shop, metal fabrication shop, welding shop. It would be my solution to several applications in a SHTF scenario of any kind. Since it is totally mechanical it would be totally unaffected by an E M P. It would not require gas, propane, the sun or wind to operate. Wow. I often wonder how many people have thought about this as an energy source. I think one could be build to power an entire home and everything in it for far less than the solar panel and associated converters and battery banks to do the same job. But would require several people to keep it it operation 24/7. A GROUP. And a wagon with a team of horses and a couple of loggers to cut and haul wood to it. I have committed the basic design to memory. The old ones used rivets of steel to fasten sections of the boilers and some of the other sections together. If I were wealthy right now I would have a small portable one or a few of them built and in storage at this very minute. 🙂 Further discussion for all on this here on APN welcome. it is worth talking about. ;- 0

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