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    Wyoming retreat property.
    4 bedroom 2 bath home, on 20 acres. fenced, with good well and several springs. heats with pellet stove and propane back up. 8000 watt propane back up generator, with 500 gallon tank. area for STOL landing strip on property. South West Wyoming, 10 miles from a smaller rural community 2500 ppl, good hospital and schools, local shopping. plenty of wide open spaces. coal and gas/oil production, wind energy production very nearby, as is a power generating facility for employment possibilities. home is situated in a small 12-15 family semi community, paved access with good winter access. no further subdivision is permitted, so no new homes or infringements. Great meadow for grass/ livestock production. BLM/State property access out of the back gate IE 1,000,000 acres for recreation.
    leave a message on this board for further information thanx, risky buisness

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