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    Some of you have read my posts on relocation. I have a lot of strategic relocation understanding, but thought that I would put this question out there.

    To me one of the most important things about a strategic location aside from defense and lower population is that the area would have grass pastures capable of raising animals that graze on the pastures year around. In other words almost no snow for more than a day. When it comes to strategic locations I have a lot of ideas and understanding of good places. But this is one aspect that usually does not come up. I need to be able to raise beef cattle, goats, and chickens in open pasture 12 months a year. So cold/snow/heat/drought are all very much factors in this. I don’t want to be so far south where everything drys up and dies nor so far north that snow covers the ground and the livestock can’t eat. This one I could really honestly use some help with. Does your location provide the above for raising livestock?

    I have been strongly looking at southern Missouri / Northern Arkansas in the Ozarks. Thinking central between Salem and West Plains to be away from tourism.

    Is there other places that are better for raising livestock year around that are similar in low population? I was thinking of NC, KY, TN, and SC but they seem to be very populated. I am coming from somewhere very rural. I enjoy that my highway system i 45 minutes away and that it is only a two lane highway for two hours of traveling. Well, let me know what you all think.

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