You Don’t Have the Right to Choose What’s Best for Your Kid

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    I hope you’ve heard of this case by now. But have you taken action yet?

    Eric Holder is essentially taking the position that a parent does NOT have the fundamental right to determine what is best for their child. In this instance it’s a parent’s right to choose how, where, and what their child is being taught, but if this precedent of denying a parent’s right to home-school is made, then it can snowball into other aspects of life. Does a parent have the right to take their child to church? Do they have the right to determine what, if any, vaccinations their child is given? Or are all parents destined merely to be the suppliers of DNA for the State’s offspring?

    Take action NOW. Flood Eric Holder’s email address ( is the only address I could find). I’ve included my e-mail below, but there are many things I could have added.


    Dear Mr. Holder,

    I am writing in regards to the current deportation case against the Romeike family. As a home-school graduate, I am concerned with the precedent that possible deportation will have on home-schoolers around the world. Many countries look to the U.S. for leadership in civil rights and social issues. In deporting the Romeikes, you will be making a very clear statement that parents do not have the right to determine what is best for their children.

    Parents choose to home school for a number of reasons: the freedom to mold a curriculum based on a child’s interests and needs, lack of faith in local public or private school systems, the desire to take an active role in their child’s development, the passion to incorporate religious beliefs into every single aspect of education, and simply because as the parent, they have a fundamental right to determine how, where, and what their child learns. The common denominator of every home-schooling family is that the parents feel they are making the best educational decision for their child. The Romeikes are no different.

    Germany has made public school attendance mandatory since 1918. This provided the perfect breeding ground for Hitler’s Jugend, through which Adolf Hitler brainwashed children into being passionate anti-Semites and faithful followers of the Third Reich. Post-World War II, the German Supreme Court has continued to uphold the mandatory public school attendance, thereby trampling on the rights of parents to determine their children’s education.

    If you send the Romeikes back to Germany, they will face significant fines and partial or full loss of custody. Because their case has become so high-profile, it is possible that Germany will want to make an example of them and prosecute them to the fullest extent of their laws. It is not enough to allow the Romeikes to stay on generic humanitarian grounds; this is your opportunity to show that the United States recognizes that parents have the fundamental right and authority to determine what is best for their children, particularly in the area of education.

    I am looking forward to the courtesy of your reply.


    Concerned U.S. Citizen

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