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    Just for the sake of argument—lets suppose that you have a rather remote cabin built somewhere and that you can’t drive any closer than 10 to 20-Miles from your cabin. You’ve stocked your cabin with all of the standard stuff. Given the difficulty of transporting stuff to your cabin, you have to be a bit selective as to exactly what you carry in.

    Lets say that three days of pushing or pulling will get one of those 300-pound capacity wheeled game haulers up to your front door…

    Now, everyone try to tell me some things that it would be worthwhile to carry in AND that you might ordinarily not think of.

    Please, no toilet paper, knife, axe, fishhooks. Those kind of things should be self evident to anyone of reasonable intelligence.

    After much thought: Pictures or posters for the walls. Those 16”x20” exploded drawings of 1911A1’s, AK-47’s etc. are easy on my eyes. I’ve seen them on gunstore walls and military barracks. No, I don’t Need a diagram to reduce a 1911A1 to possession and reassemble it. I can’t even field strip an AK—but if I had one, I would study it until I thoroughly understood its action. Its your wall. A chart of the Periodic Table? The Last Supper? A Serena Williams Poster? 😮 :clap: Anatomy chart? Impressionist Art Painting Replica?—whatever.

    Putting a laminated topo map of your area on your wall might be useful, especially at first. A map on the dinner table covered with a sheet of acrylic might also be nice. Not as your only map, but as an additional map.

    I’d want a small vise, maybe even two. Most hand woodworking tools can be built if you have the metal part—for planes, this is the blade. Everything else can be made of wood.

    Of course then you need books on tool building and books on doing hand woodwork—unless you already know.

    Bailing wire, copper wire, trash bags, safety pins, straight pins, thumbtacks, garbage bags…

    I really groove on Stag grips. Mice and rats have been known to gnaw on stag grips and handles. Any gun stored at the site should be in a sealable metal box and surrounded with steel wool…

    Books: I assume that everyone will bring a Bible, most of the Foxfire books, books by your favorite gun and survival experts, books on non-Euclidean geometry…

    But an additional a couple of shelves worth of unread paperbacks from a used book store might help you while away some boring times.

    I think that I’d eventually get one or two of those 4×8 drawer-box bins of assorted screws, rivets, springs, nails etc—I mean a small cabinet devoted to each. Of course screws, bolts, washers—things that you know you’ll use a lot of, you need to buy in bulk.

    Curtains and curtain rods—something festive. It gives better insulation, better light discipline and bright colors tend to lift the spirits.

    Several sets of nail clippers. Mine get too dull to use easily every few years and keeping my nails cut short is extremely important to me.

    Saxon Violence

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