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    So, pretty disturbing to read in Field and Stream today that through my purchases of Patagonia (which we regularly buy items through as they always accept them back and repair for free – we use them hard), that we may be supporting an organization that turns my stomach…PETA.

    Patagonia and Craig Matthews started a program called 1% for the Planet a few years ago that takes part of the profits they make and donates them to programs that help keep the environment going for hunters and anglers, a thing which is great for those of us that want out kids to grow up outside with a rod and a gun vs. inside watching tv. However, recently it looks like they added PETA to their list of beneficiaries. Check out the article below, and let 1% for the Planet know that we’ll stop buying their [great] products until PETA is off the list. They want to rename fish sea kittens for God’s sake!

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