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    At how many like minded people can be in your area.

    Just this past week I met 2 separate people who are definitely of a like mind to my husband and I.

    First gentleman was a guy that we bought our new generator from. He had it at a decent price and it was capable of running the 2 deep freezes with some extra juice to spare.
    Got to talking and lo and behold….he’s a prepper.

    Second was a guy we bought our rain barrels from. Got to talking and yup…..prepper. Even offered to help set up and give suggestions on my rain system.

    Oddly enough, the first guy ended up buying some barrels from the second lol
    Even the guy we got our new puppy from is a prepper.

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    Since say the beginning of the year have you noticed any increase in preparing among the people you personally know? Have you been getting more questions / comments about being more prepared from friends and family?

    If so what has been the reason(s) for this?

    I run with a pretty prepared crowd but I have noticed some increase in the prepping of those that previously disdained the idea.


    I happened to see a sale on bacon today at my local(actually 2 towns over) grocer and we decided to do a bit more stocking up as it’s outrageously expensive and anything I can find for under $3.00 a pound I consider to be a good buy. While looking at the meat case with the bacon and adding some to our cart I happened to see another brand that was really expensive and commented to my husband that the price was outrageous.
    A woman standing on the other side of us replied and said “It certainly is and so is everything else.” We started talking and she does the same thing I do; hits the sales, buys in large quantities and load up those shelves and freezers. I told her that the last time I went in to do the same I received a few dirty looks for the amount of meat I had on the check out counter that I’d take home and repackage.

    She said “Never mind what other people think because you are doing the right thing.” This is the first time I’ve ever encountered someone else who gets it in a grocery store.
    I also learned that a former work colleague is now a prepper although she still has a long way to go. She bought a generator, is having a transfer panel installed and has purchased a great deal of what the rest of us have. Her son is a serious prepper and works for National Grid. He got her started, especially with his concerns about how ancient our power grid really is and how vulnerable.

    Another friend on another forum commented to me that she has learned a great deal from my posts about being prepared and now is prepared to handle emergencies.

    I am pleased this week. Maybe there are more people getting prepared than I previously thought.


    We just had our weekly get together at our place. Of course over food and a few beers. We were wondering if anyone else is doing this. 10 couples and kids sat down tonight to talk about current events, and what happened during the week. Is anyone else doing this? This seams to bring us closer as a group.

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