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    I was wanting to know what books you have in your prepper Library? Is there a list of have to have books anywhere?

    I have many canning books, Gardening bug ID book, General Gardening book, first aid book, and a beer making book, also a fruit tree book.

    Just needing some input. Maybe books that I would not have thought of.





    We track over 250 of the most often mentioned prepper books here:

    Try to pick the ones that are accurate, don’t have crazy propaganda, etc.



    Books are subjective, but in addition to canning, gardening, first aid, and brewing I’d suggest:

    Herbal remedies, non-canning food preservation methods, plant/mushroom ID, animal care, rustic cookbooks, chemistry and other sciences, DIY building and related, auto repair, small engine repair, blacksmithing, power generating, Rx guides, hazmat guides, electronics/electricity, HAM radio, maps/atlases, entertainment, laws&rights, and religious books.



    I would really recommend the book by Stan Deyo, “Dare to Prepare”, it is packed full of information and the website has plenty of downloads you can use ranging from food storage to links to other resources. Also, having a copy of Creek Stewart’s “Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle and Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag” are always good collections.

    Just truly pick up books wherever and whenever you can, finding books on the traditional methods of living are always a good resource. Just look into each book to make sure that you are getting all of the materials and resources you need for you and your family.



    In addition to the books on canning, bread baking, cast iron cooking, sausage making, cheese making, butchering, gardening, raising various poultry and livestock, homesteading skills, herbal medicine, “bush” medicine and dentistry, and survival skills; I also have a Gray’s Anatomy, a Merck Veterinary Manual, and a couple of equine veterinary books. I also have some of the “classics” (Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, Bullfinch’s Mythology, Shakespeare, Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, etc.), several sewing and quilting books; as well as several Bibles (different versions/translations), Bible Commentary, Bible Encyclopedia, etc. Also have several music books (mostly for piano, but also have some for guitar, autoharp, and Native American Flute.

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